Future Trends Committee

The Future Trends Committee has been set up to identify and characterise important emerging trends in research and clinical practice and scientific-technological developments.

These trends may be economic, demographic, practise-based, scientific/technological or political in nature. The Future Trends Committee’s purpose is to assess the impact these developments will have on our organisation and its members, patients, physicians and nurses and to advise the UEG decision makers on steps to be taken.

Future Trends workshop, October 2013

President & Chair Future Trends Committee

Michael Farthing

University of Sussex
Sussex House
Brighton BN1 9RH
United Kingdom

Future Trends Committee Members


Mustapha Adham, France (EFISDS)

Alberto Arezzo, Italy (EAES)

Albert Jan Bredenoord, The Netherlands (ESNM)

Marco del Chiaro, Italy (EPC)

Mario Dinis-Ribeiro, Portugal (ESGE)

Lina Forrsell, Sweden (ESPCG)

Dieter Hahnloser, Switzerland (ESCP)

Andrea Laghi, Italy (ESGAR)

Fabio Marra, Italy (EASL)

Tamara Matysiak-Budnik, France (EAGEN)

Pierre Michetti, Switzerland (ECCO)

Ari Ristimäki, Finland (EHSG)

Roberto Salvia, Italy (EDS)

Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium (ESDO)

Jordi Serra, Spain (National Societies Representative)

Nikhil Thapar, United Kingdom (ESPGHAN)

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