Meeting of Members

The Meeting of Members (formerly called General Assembly) is composed of Members of the UEG and is the highest governing body of UEG.

It has a total number of 61 representatives and is composed as follows:

  • 38 representatives from all Ordinary Member Societies,
  • 23 Representatives from National Society Members.

Meeting of Members representatives are designated to serve a four year term. They gather once a year, usually at UEG Week. The UEG Council reserves the right to summon the Meeting of Members together whenever needed.

Meeting of Members representatives

Meeting of Members, October 2013

Ordinary Members Representatives

George Hanna, United Kingdom
Eduardo Targarona
, Spain

Tamara Matysiak Budnik, France
Jaroslaw Regula, Poland 
Zsolt Tulassay, Hungary

Laurent Castera, France
Tom Hemming Karlsen, Norway
Alejandro Forner, Spain   

Simon Travis, United Kingdom  
Severine Vermeire, Belgium

Daniel Hartmann, Germany
Mark van Berge Henegouwen, The Netherlands

Antonio Basoli, Italy
Roger Leicester, United Kingdom
Sorin Traian Barbu, Romania

Peter Malfertheiner, Germany
Theodore Rokkas, Greece

Enrique de Madaria, Spain
Rolf Graf, Switzerland    
Jonas Rosendahl, Germany

Dieter Harnloser, Swtzerland
Harald Rosen, Austria

Thomas Seufferlein, France
Eric Van  Cutsem, Belgium

Andrea Laghi, Italy
Jaap Stoker, The Netherlands

Mario Dinis-Ribeiro, Portugal
Soeren Meisner, Denmark
Matt Rutter, United Kingdom

Paul Enck, Germany
Andre Smout, The Netherlands

Pierre Bedossa, France
Han van Krieken
, The Netherlands

Pali Hungin, United Kingdom
Knut-Arne Wensaas, Norway

Raanan Shamir, Israel
Jernej Dolinsek, Slovenia
Lorenzo D'Antiga, Italy

National Societies Representatives

Agustin Albillos, Spain
Serhat Bor, Turkey
Elisabetta Buscarini
, Italy
Gerd Bouma, The Netherlands
Flavio Caprioli, Italy
Pierre Deprez, Belgium
Gian Dorta, Switzerland
Tibor Hlavaty, Slovakia
Bela Hunyady, Hungary
Limas Kupcinskas, Lithuania
Angel Lanas, Spain
Markus M. Lerch, Germany
Philippe Lévy, France
Gerassimos Mantzaris, Greece
Rui Marinho, Portugal   
Jan Martinek, Czech Republic
Charles Murray, United Kingdom
Jaroslaw Regula, Poland
Erwin Santo, Israel
Davor Stimac, Croatia
Hans Törnblom, Sweden
Lars Vinter-Jensen, Denmark
Frank Zerbib, France


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