National Societies Forum

The National Societies Forum acts as the central communication channel between National Societies and UEG.

The forum's main task is to elect the Members of the National Societies Committee and the National Societies Representatives to the General Assembly. Each National Society is invited to appoint one representative to this board which meets twice a year. 

National Societies Forum, January 2014

Members of the National Societies Forum

Gocha Barbakadze, Georgia
Serhat Bor, Turkey
Andrzej Dabrowski, Poland
Gian Dorta
, Switzerland
Marrti Färkkila, Finland
Manik Gemilyan, Armenia
Magdalena Genadieva-Dimitrova, Macedonia
Fouad Haddad
, Morocco
Gavin Harewood, Ireland
Frank Heieck, Luxembourg
Øistein Hovde, Norway
Irena Hrstic, Croatia
Teimuraz Kodua, Georgia
Milan Kovijanic, Serbia 
Limas Kupcinskas, Lithuania
Hubert Louis, Belgium (SRBGE)
Gerassimos Mantzaris, Greece
Leopoldo Matos, Portugal
Velimir Milosevic, Montenegro   
Peter Mlkvy, Slovakia
Miguel Muñoz Navas, Spain (SEPD)
Charles Murray, United Kingdom
Bodil Ohlsson, Sweden
Markus Peck-Radosavljevic, Austria
Aida Pilav, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Skerdi Prifti
, Albania
Juris Pokrotnieks, Latvia
Enrique Quintero, Spain (AEG)
Marco Romano, Italy (SIGE)
Riina Salupere, Estonia
Erik J. Schoon, The Netherlands (NVMDL)
Thomas Seufferlein, Germany
Haim Shirin, Israel
Peter Siersema, The Netherlands (NVGE)
Attilio Solinas, Italy (AIGO)   
Julius Spicak, Czech Republic
Ioan Sporea, Romania   
Daniela Stoyanova, Bulgaria
Ales Tomazic, Slovenia
Alexander Trukhmanov, Russia
Philippe Van Hootegem, Belgium (VVGE)
Lars Vinter-Jensen, Denmark
Tibor Wittmann, Hungary
Frank Zerbib, France

Electoral processes

The National Societies Forum elects the following positions in UEG:

Candidates for these positions are nominated by active National Society Members (which have paid their annual affiliation fee). 

Processes for elections in the National Societies Forum

  • 50% of National Societies need to be represented via their National Societies Forum Representative at a meeting for there to be a quorum
  • Only appointed Members to the National Societies Forum (see list above) will have the right to vote on behalf of their National Society. Attendance and vote of a deputy is discouraged but will be allowed as long as the UEG Secretariat receives a written notification 3 months prior to a National Societies Forum meeting 
  • Members of the National Societies Committee are never entitled to vote on behalf of their National Society

Download process for elections of Members on the National Societies Committee 

Download process for elections of National Societies Representatives on General Assembly

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