Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is entrusted with developing the core programme of UEG Week.

The committee meets four times a year and is in constant communication with the UEG Secretariat to smooth out the details of the scientific programme management. This on-going and dynamic relationship between our volunteers and the Secretariat is key to the high quality programme people have come to expect at UEG Week.

Scientific Committee, March 2014

Chair Scientific Committee

Magnus Simrén

Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Department of Internal Medicine
413 45 Gothenburg

Scientifc Committee Members

Matthieu Allez, France (ECCO)

Marianna Arvanitakis, Belgium (Independent)

Willem Bemelman, The Netherlands (ESCP)

Johan Burisch, Denmark (Young Committee Member)

Niek de Wit, The Netherlands (ESPCG)

Rebecca Fitzgerald, United Kingdom (Independent)

Karl Fuchs, Germany (EAES)

Antonio Gasbarrini, Italy (EAGEN)

Thomas Gress, Germany (EPC),

Sibylle Koletzko, Germany (ESPGHAN)

Roger Leicester, United Kingdom (EFISDS)

Jose Carlos Machado, Portugal (EHSG)

Antonio Moschetta, Italy (Independent)

Horst Neuhaus, Germany (ESGE)

Luigi Ricciardiello , Italy (National Societies Representative)

Thomas Seufferlein, Germany (ESDO)   

André Smout, The Netherlands (ESNM)

Jaap Stoker, Netherlands (ESGAR)

Dominique Thabut, France (Independent)

Herbert Tilg, Austria (Independent)

Dina Tiniakos, Greece (ESP)

Thomas van Gulik, The Netherlands (EDS)

Heiner Wedemeyer, Germany (EASL)

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