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UEG, or United European Gastroenterology, is a professional non-profit organisation combining all the leading European societies concerned with digestive disease.

Together, our member societies represent over 22,000 specialists, working across medicine, surgery, paediatrics, GI oncology and endoscopy. This makes UEG the most comprehensive organisation of its kind in the world, and a unique platform for collaboration and the exchange of knowledge.

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Advancing gastroenterology care

Our mission is continually to improve standards of care in gastroenterology, and promote ever greater understanding of digestive and liver disease – among the public and medical experts alike.  As part of that work, we run a number of education and training courses facilitated by highly respected experts. We also organise UEG Week – the largest and most prestigious meeting of its kind in Europe.

UEG is committed to:

  • Raising awareness and expanding knowledge of GI and liver diseases among the public and medical profession, to deliver benefits for patients
  • Coordinating the activities of clinical and scientific associations in our field
  • Harmonising and improving clinical standards across Europe
  • Fostering basic and clinical research in the field, and raising the profile of this work worldwide
  • Promoting and delivering excellence in clinical and scientific education.

Legal and fiscal framework

UEG Statutes constitute the legal basis for the operation of the organisation. UEG is incorporated in Vienna, Austria and complies with the legal rules of the Austrian Law of Associations with Number 570340662 in the Austrian Register of Association.

UEG is a non-profit organisation and is funded by its membership dues and the scientific activities and events it organises, such as congresses and postgraduate teaching, scientific journals publishing, educational programmes as well as sponsorship from industry. The organisation’s accounts comply with Austrian fiscal provisions and are both internally (by two members of the association called auditors) and externally audited (by an international tax advisor) on an annual basis.

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UEG Strategy

Interview with the UEG President

Hear from UEG President Michael Farthing about his strategic plans for the upcoming years.
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Social Media

Ask the experts

Join the #WeekChat on occasion of UEG Week and get first hand information form experts.
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Meeting point

A home for gastroenterology

With the House of European Gastroenterology we offer the community a meeting point and communication hub.
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UEG Secretariat

We are your first contact for the UEG. We help with information on any aspect of your work, from education to EU affairs.
Who we are

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