Rising Star Awards

Every year the National Societies Committee and the Scientific Committee jointly select up to 10 emerging clinical scientists. 

Those young researchers are awarded Rising Star status based on a track record of international-quality research  and developing scientific independence. This initiative provides a durable platform for young researchers to give state-of-the-art lectures and chair scientific sessions at UEG Week.

Nomination for the Rising Stars Award 2016 is closed.
Candidates will be informed by January 2016 about the status of their nomination.

  • 2015 Rising Star Ingrid Ordas
    2015 Rising Star Ingrid Ordas
  • 2015 Rising Star Rui Castro
    2015 Rising Star Rui Castro
  • 2015 Rising Star Rui Castro
    2015 Rising Star Rui Castro
  • 2015 Rising Star Niklas Björkström
    2015 Rising Star Niklas Björkström
  • 2015 Rising Star Niklas Bjorkström
    2015 Rising Star Niklas Bjorkström
  • 2015 Rising Star Kalle Kurppa
    2015 Rising Star Kalle Kurppa
  • 2015 Rising Star Trevor Graham
    2015 Rising Star Trevor Graham
  • 2015 Rising Star Trevor Graham
    2015 Rising Star Trevor Graham
  • 2015 Rising Star Jonas Rosendahl
    2015 Rising Star Jonas Rosendahl
Rising Star Rui Castro

Rising Stars 2015

We'd like to congratulate this year's Rising Stars: 

Raja Atreya, Germany
Niklas Björkström, Sweden
Rui Castro, Portugal
Trevor Graham, United Kingdom
Thierry Gustot, Belgium
Kalle Kurppa, Finland
Javier Molina Infante, Spain
Ingrid Ordas, Spain
Jonas Rosendahl, Germany

Rising Stars 2014

Marc Ferrante, Belgium
Neil Henderson, United Kingdom
Jens Marquardt, Germany
Alexander R Moschen, Austria
Roland Rad, Germany
Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou, France
Michael Scharl, Switzerland
Emmanuel Tsochatzis, Greece


Selected Rising Stars receive their Award on occasion of UEG Week and

  • give a talk in the core programme of the UEG Week (including a full Faculty package: free registration to the congress, hotel accommodation, reimbursement of travel expenses).
  • take on other faculty tasks at UEG Weeks (abstract reviewing; chairing of oral and poster presentations etc.).
  • get the opportunity to participate in the Exchange Programme with AGA during UEG Weeks and DDWs.
  • will be invited to cooperate with UEG on other initiatives


Only candidates supported by a UEG Member Society will be considered. A letter indicating the pre-selection process within the Society must be attached to each nomination.

One Member Society may support a maximum of 2 candidates. If 2 candidates are supported, at least one must be female.

Candidates for Rising Star Awards 2016

  • must be born October 1, 1974 or later.
  • must have as country of residence Europe or the Mediterranean area (countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea).
  • must show at least one publication as first, corresponding or last author in a major journal (Journal of Hepatology, Gut, Hepatology, Gastroenterology and above) or at least 3 publications in other renowned peer-review journals. Please note that this is a minimum criterion and in practice Rising Star awardees have substantial international quality publication records.
  • may be at any academic level, only a full professor title will not be accepted.
  • have to be able to give their talk at UEG Week in English. 

Mandatory documents per candidate:

  • one A4 page Curriculum Vitae
  • completed application form (download template) including: 
    • listing of full papers, downloaded from Medline or PubMed (original articles only, no reviews, commentaries or letters)
    • a short (maximum 300 words) outline of the talk they would give at UEG Week if selected as Rising Star
    • a proposed review article for potential publication in the UEG Journal if selected as Rising Star
  • supporting letter from UEG Member Society (download template)

Nomination is closed.
Nominations submitted via e-mail, fax or regular mail cannot be accepted.

Final Rising Stars 2016 will be announced at the beginning of 2016.

For further details download the complete criteria for candidates and selection process.


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