Training Support

A central element of our work is helping to fund innovative educational programmes, as well as international scientific cooperations.

In 2014 we support a range of activities and projects and call for our Member Societies to apply for financial support and also encourage them to partner up. Long-term project support is open to all societies active in the field of gastroenterology, if the project is organised in collaboration with a UEG Member Society.

Types of supported activities

Support of meetings

With this support, UEG funds educational programmes in form of onsite meetings, courses, workshops, symposia or other educational events from all UEG Member Societies. We aim to endorse teaching activities in which attendees will be taught the management of gastroenterological diseases to improve the standard of care.

We support such activities with up to € 25,000 covering up to 100% of the total costs.

Support of long-term projects

With this support, we fund projects with a long-term perspective and educational resonance, to be developed in a time frame of up to maximum 3 years. We aim to support international, interdisciplinary and educationally innovative projects with a long-term vision in the field of digestive diseases. 

We support such activities with up to € 100,000 in the course of three years, covering up to 100% of the total costs.

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Supported Long-term projects in 2014

These interdisciplinary and educationally innovative projects with a long-term vision in the field of digestive diseases will receive up to € 100,000 within 3 years:

Supported Educational activities in 2014

The following educational programmes will receive up to € 25,000 for high quality multi- and interdisciplinary teaching in Europe:

Participation & Application

Applications for UEG Training Support are accepted under the following conditions

  1. Applicants need to be UEG Member Societies. (Collaborative projects between two or more societies are encouraged and will be considered in the selection process). 
    Other societies may apply for long-term projects only in cooperation with one or more UEG Member Society.
  2. A detailed meeting programme/project outline is submitted.
  3. The meeting/project language is English.
  4. The programme will start in 2015. (Final decisions for 2014 will be taken by June, 2014.)
  5. An application for CME accreditation will be submitted.
  6. A budget has to be submitted (use of template is compulsory). Costs for the production of e-content, if any, are included in the budget.
  7. An evaluation will be performed by the attendees using standard evaluation questions provided by UEG.
  8. A full report will be submitted after the meeting.
  9. If any condition for application proofs not to be fulfilled UEG will not pay out the grant.

I certify that I have read and understood the conditions for application. If any information is falsified, my application will be disqualified.
Application is closed.


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