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February 02, 2016Obesity: climbing higher on the EU agenda

European Obesity Day will highlight the need for action

The need for Obesity to be officially recognised as a disease in Europe was the focus of a high-level roundtable discussion attended by UEG in Brussels in January.

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January 01, 2016The Scientific Panel for Health - “Better research for better health”

UEG President Michael Manns addresses how health research challenges and opportunities can be tackled at the EU level.

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November 12, 2015UEG partners with other European NGOs in the fight against pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal digestive disorders, with a long-term survival rate of less than 5%. At the same time, it is predicted to become the second most lethal cancer in the EU by 2030. But despite its lethality and the rising burden, pancreatic cancer is a neglected disease, as policy-makers give little political attention and funding for innovative research.

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Survey of digestive health

Gastro and liver disease

Our map summarises gastro and liver diseases based on an assessment of digestive health across Europe. 
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Patient Engagement

Joint working initiatives

UEG is actively engaging with a range of patient organisations to share best practice and increase awareness.
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White Book Brochure

Survey of digestive diseases

Changing trends in GI diseases and healthcare provision in Europe are now summarised in a handy booklet.
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About UEG EU Affairs

30% of the European population is affected by a GI disease at least once during their lifetime. Even so, gastroenterology is still not a priority on the health agenda.

Our Vision

To listen to and learn from public opinion and to increase knowledge and stimulate activity in the area of digestive diseases among the public and politicians.


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