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World Digestive Health Day 2014
Gut Microbes - Importance in Health and Disease

Patients and healthcare professionals around the world celebrate World Digestive Health Day to show their respect for, and raise awareness of the millions of patients around the world who suffer from digestive or liver disease.

This year, special attention is given to gut microbes and their strong relation with diseases in and outside the digestive system. Scientists continue to find new evidence which links gut microbes to diseases such as colorectal & liver cancer, IBD and Coeliac Disease.
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Upcoming activities in 2014

Public Health Day, October 18
Held on occasion of UEG Week 2014, this conference provides a unique opportunity for patients to talk directly to world’s leading experts on new Developments of treatment in Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Coeliac Disease and IBS
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Awareness Week on Alcohol Related Harm, November 26-28
UEG joined an initiative of ELPA, Eurocare, EASL et al. with the purpose to raise attention for alcohol-related harm. Details to be announced.

CRC in Europe

Incidence and mortality

Our map summarises numbers on CRC for European countries and the impact of different screening policies.
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UEG Week

UEG Week Press Office

Our press office provides full support for journalists throughout the meeting. All registered journalists have access.
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Social Media

Ask the experts

Join the #WeekChat on occasion of UEG Week and get first hand information form experts.
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About UEG EU Affairs

30% of the European population is affected by a GI disease at least once during their lifetime. Even so, gastroenterology is still not a priority on the European health agenda.

UEG promotes gastroenterology at a political level, to raise awareness among decision-makers in Brussels and every European country. As representative for all the major European societies with an interest in the digestive system, UEG is the ideal stakeholder for the EU.

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