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March 12, 2015Vice President of UEG to advise European Commission on medical research policies

The Scientific Panel for Health was recently constituted to assume its official role of advising the European Commission on medical research policy.

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January 16, 2015EU Affairs: What will 2015 bring about?

UEG stands ready to continue its efforts to advance gastroenterological care and research at the EU level in 2015. A number of events and targeted actions will be run on a variety of issues related to digestive and liver health, including nutrition, digestive cancers and alcohol policy.

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December 02, 2014Towards New Frontiers in European Healthcare: Scenarios for European Healthcare in 2040

The present and the future are meeting on 2 December in Brussels when United European Gastroenterology (UEG) is engaging in a debate with policy-makers on public health in Europe.

Together with policy-makers from the European Parliament and the Commission, UEG is discussing current trends and future challenges in the field of gastrointestinal care for patients and how EU health policies should be shaped in order to provide the best possible medical care to citizens.

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Survey of digestive health

Gastro and liver disease

Our map summarises gastro and liver diseases based on an assessment of digestive health across Europe. 
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Patient Engagement

Joint working initiatives

UEG is actively engaging with a range of patient organisations to share best practice and increase awareness.
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White Book

Survey of digestive diseases

Our major pan-European survey reveals changing trends in GI diseases and inequalities in the provision of healthcare.
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About UEG EU Affairs

30% of the European population is affected by a GI disease at least once during their lifetime. Even so, gastroenterology is still not a priority on the health agenda.

Our Vision

To listen to and learn from public opinion and to increase knowledge and stimulate activity in the area of digestive diseases among the public and politicians.


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