Patient Engagement

UEG is dedicated to improving relations and joint working initiatives with European patient organisations and to interacting directly with patients where appropriate.

The UEG Public Relations and Public Affairs Teams are actively engaging with a range of patient organisations to share best practice, increase awareness of UEG activities, promote greater awareness of gastroenterology diseases and to discuss potential collaborative opportunities. In addition, we are communicating with patients and stakeholder organisations via our on-going consumer and medical professional media relations campaigns.

Recent activities

Digestive Health Patient Event

UEG is organising its annual Public Health Day during UEG Week in Vienna in October and this year the theme will be Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Coeliac Disease and IBS. The UEG Patient Relations Team has been liaising with a range of Austrian patient organisations to promote awareness of this event and to encourage patients to attend and hear from some of the world’s leading digestive health experts.

Colorectal Cancer & Patient Think Tank

UEG will host a Patient Think Tank meeting at UEG Week 2014. It's aim is to reach a consensus on increasing participation in CRC screening throughout Europe and will involve representatives of the European Cancer Patient Coalition, Europacolon and Stop Darmkanker. In addition representatives of ESDO and ESPCG will also be involved in the discussion to help the group develop agreed priorities, messaging and shared materials for healthcare professionals and patient bodies.

World Digestive Health Day

The European Cancer Patient Coalition, IBD Support Group, IBS Self-Help Group and Europacolon have all been supporting UEG’s awareness of ‘gut microbes’ social media campaign, encouraging Europeans to be more aware of gut microbes and how they can potentially impact on our health.


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CRC in Europe

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