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Gastrointestinal diseases remain one of the most common reasons for morbidity and hospitalisation in Europe and are, due to the demographic change, still on the rise.  

There is a constant need for research to prevent GI disease, develop better, more cost effective diagnosis and treatments and improve the accessibility to optimal clinical care. UEG is engaged in various activities targeted to develop a long term perspective for research. For more details please refer to the project descriptions below.

White Book – Survey of digestive health in Europe

UEG has published a major pan-European survey of digestive health in Europe with the overall aim of defining and describing the burden of digestive diseases in Europe and to make an assessment of the breadth and quality of current service provision. The results of the report have revealed changing trends in many important GI and liver diseases and inequalities in the provision of healthcare services across Europe. They led to calls for greater political and public awareness of the burden of GI disorders and for more research funding.

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Healthcare scenarios in Europe in 2040

Faced with inevitable change in our healthcare environments, and recognising the need to better anticipate and prepare for the future, UEG has been collaborating with specialist scenario planners. The outcome is a set of three plausible, relevant and challenging scenarios that may impact the delivery of gastroenterology and hepatology healthcare in the future.

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Survey of digestive health

Gastro and liver disease

Our map summarises gastro and liver diseases based on a assessment of digestive health across Europe. 
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