Research Activities

Gastrointestinal diseases remain one of the most common reasons for morbidity and hospitalisation in Europe and are, due to the demographic change, still on the rise.  

There is a constant need for research to prevent GI disease, develop better, more cost effective diagnosis and treatments and improve the accessibility to optimal clinical care. UEG is engaged in various activities targeted to develop a long term perspective for research. For more details please refer to the project descriptions below.

EU Funding

The UEG Public Affairs Team continuously provides updates on EU funding programmes, most importantly Horizon 2020, the largest research and innovation framework in Europe.
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Future Scenarios Project

Over the past year, the Futures Trends Committee together with external experts collaborated with NormannPartners to produce a set of scenarios on possible future contexts for hospital care, home care, and self-care; and how these might affect the research, teaching, and services offered by UEG's Member Societies.

The result is a small-scale, set of three scenarios setting out plausible and challenging future contexts in which GI health delivery might find itself. This work was undertaken primarily over a course of workshops, as well as substantial work by the scenario builders.

The final results will be presented at UEG Week Vienna 2014.

UEG will publish a comprehensive survey of digestive health in Europe with the overall aim of defining and describing the burden of digestive diseases in Europe and to make an assessment of the breadth and quality of current service provision.

An experienced research group was assigned for this review led by John Williams and Stephen Roberts from Swansea University consisting of 10 senior investigators covering gastroenterology, health economics and epidemiology. The final results of the survey will be available for download on occasion of UEG Week Vienna 2014.

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UEG Week Live

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Over 100 sessions streaming live from Europe's largest GI meeting. Experience the congress from wherever you are.
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UEG Journal

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The Editor-in-Chief, Professor Jan Tack is seeking papers for the upcoming issues of the UEG Journal.
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Social Media

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Join the #WeekChat on occasion of UEG Week and get first hand information form experts.
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CRC in Europe

Incidence and mortality

Our map summarises numbers on CRC for European countries and the impact of different screening policies.
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