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Gastrointestinal diseases remain one of the most common reasons for morbidity and hospitalisation in Europe and are, due to the demographic change, still on the rise.  

There is a constant need for research to prevent GI disease, develop better, more cost effective diagnosis and treatments and improve the accessibility to optimal clinical care. Fulfilling its unique role as European umbrella organisation UEG is engaged in the following activities targeted to develop a long term perspective for research: 

  • Develop a survey of digestive disorders in Europe, a collection and interpretation of data related to GI disease in Europe.
  • Organisation of a pan-European research symposium.
  • Promotion of research and related funding on a political level.

Find information on how we address the need for better GI funding in our position paper.

The future research framework taking shape

UEG understands the need to identify and address research priorities in the field of GI and liver diseases in the upcoming years. We intend to raise awareness for the importance of additional EU funded research on digestive and liver diseases. One event in that regard was the Research symposium on digestive and liver diseases on September 18, 2012, organised in association with STOA (Science and Technology Options Assessment unit of the European Parliament).
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UEG will publish a comprehensive survey of digestive health in Europe with the overall aim of defining and describing the burden of digestive diseases in Europe and to make an assessment of the breadth and quality of current service provision.

An experienced research group was assigned for this review led by John Williams and Stephen Roberts from Swansea University consisting of 10 senior investigators covering gastroenterology, health economics and epidemiology. The final results of the survey will be available for download here in the course of spring 2014.

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Awards & Grants

Research Prize

We award € 100.000 annually for excellence in basic science, translational or clinical research. 
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The Editor-in-Chief, Professor Jan Tack is seeking papers for the upcoming issues of the UEG Journal.
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UEG Strategy

Interview with the UEG President

Hear from UEG President Michael Farthing about his strategic plans for the upcoming years.
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CRC in Europe

Incidence and mortality

Our map summarises numbers on CRC for European countries and the impact of different screening policies.
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