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For UEG Week Vienna we expand our original research innovations and increase our efforts to make the meeting even more lively and interactive.  

Among the highlights you find pathway wrap-up sessions summarising the latest advances in research, as well as hands-on endoscopy and ultrasound learning areas for the practical minded. Our Today’s science; tomorrow’s medicine symposium features top experts in the field and we offer new session formats to raise interactivity and to extend the experience of our participants. 

Chair Scientific Committee, Magnus Simren on the programme highlights of UEG Week Vienna 2014

Programme overview and format descriptions






Opening Plenary Session The Opening Plenary Session is held on Monday morning and includes official speeches and the opening of the core scientific programme with a mixture of invited speakers and presentations of the best submitted abstracts. UEG awards the UEG Research Prize and the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Plenary Session. No parallel sessions are scheduled.

Postgraduate Teaching Programme The UEG Week Postgraduate Teaching Programme comprises two days of world-class Continuing Medical Education for medical and surgical gastroenterologists in training and in practice. Registration for the congress is not required. In 2014 UEG will build on the success of previous meetings and feedback from delegates by introducing key innovations into the programme: Introduction of a rolling curriculum, greater mix of teaching methods and a faculty selection that guarantees for further best possible content and presentation.

Symposia Interdisciplinary symposia cover new approaches to diagnosis and treatment, and place major emphasis on innovative, technical advances in the non-invasive management of gastrointestinal and hepatic disorders and translational/basic science, including state-of-the-art and named lectures. Therapy updates including latest treatment options and a one-day symposium on advances in clinical digestive oncology present the hot topics in 2014

Free Paper Sessions Original research presentations delivered orally have increased prominence this year, with a more interactive format. These sessions allow presentation and lively discussion of the best original research submitted to the UEG Week meeting. This is your opportunity to hear about GI and liver research in Europe and worldwide before it is published, and to question the researchers.

Video Case Session The Video Case Session is an excellent platform for brief information on very current issues of endoscopy. During this session short videos showing examples of new, unexpected, or exceptional endoscopic practice are presented and briefly discussed. Thus, the Video Case Session presents unusual cases or new technologies based on diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy.

Live Endoscopy Live endoscopy is the top request for future UEG Weeks in delegate feedback, and is included in the Postgraduate Teaching Programme on Saturday and the main programme on Tuesday. Top international experts demonstrate cutting-edge techniques alongside basic procedures transmitted directly from the Medical University of Vienna to the auditorium. The use of multiple parallel cases and experienced chair ensure interactive learning without unnecessary gaps.

Round Table Discussions As they were a huge success at UEG Week Berlin 2013 we decided to keep the Round Table Discussions as our new Lunch Sessions. For each of these sessions we have invited four experts, who will discuss a common clinical situation based on a case presentation. The Round Table Discussions are between 12:45 and 13:45 each day and no extra charge applies. There are four session each on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There is no booking and there are limited seats which will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Translational/Basic Science Pathway Compared to last year’s programme, we have an increasing number of Translational/Basic Science symposia during the core meeting. The idea with these sessions is to include topics that potentially will affect clinical practice within the foreseeable future, thereby being attractive for both basic/translational scientists and for clinicians.

Poster Exhibitions / Poster Rounds Poster Sessions Poster Sessions feature an improved and more spacious room layout and poster format. Posters are displayed from Monday until Wednesday and are changed daily. Poster Rounds are held during the lunch breaks. Selected experts will visit groups of posters, when the presenter is expected to give a 1 – 2 minute summary of the major findings described in the poster. At least one of the authors is to be present during the poster session to take part in the poster discussion. At 13:45 each day a prize for the ‘Top Poster’ in each of the four major categories will be awarded. Posters with Video are abstracts accepted for poster presentation, which will be given the option of showing a short illustrative video next to their poster if this is integral to understanding the research presented. The final selection is up to the UEG Scientific Committee.

Today's Science; Tomorrow's Medicine UEG Week Vienna will host a symposium on The immune system: A driving force in digestive health and disease. The best basic and translational scientists from around the world will meet to discuss how the current stage of knowledge is ready to be used in clinical practice, and to establish strategies to foster further progression of knowledge in the area and how such research will benefit future patients.

ESGE Learning Area The ESGE Learning Area incorporates different educational formats in order to provide both beginner endoscopists as well as proven experts a platform for skill enhancement and professional discourse. In cooperation with ESGENA the Hands-On Training Centre gives practical insight into basic and advanced endoscopic techniques. Lively talks between young experts and established senior discussants are held in the Lecture Theatre. The DVD Learning Centre shows continuous films from the ESGE eLibrary and also includes videos contributed by the ASGE and JGES. The Learning Area is open to all delegates during the general opening hours of the congress.

Ultrasound Learning Centre The Ultrasound Learning Centre promotes the role of a major diagnostic and interventional tool in gastroenterology: Clinical ultrasonography in the hands of the gastroenterologist. The Ultrasound Learning Centre offers individual hands-on training, lectures in abdominal ultrasonography and a postgraduate course on ultrasonography for the gastroenterologist, which is designed for both the beginner and the experienced, offering a mixture of lectures and practical sessions by expert gastroenterologists.

ESGENA Conference The 18th Conference of the European Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates (ESGENA) is an associated meeting at the UEG Week with separate scientific programme and registration.

Industry Satellite Symposia / Breakfast Meetings Industry Satellite Symposia and Breakfast Meetings are organised by pharmaceutical and medical device companies and are open to all congress participants. The programme of Industry Satellite Symposia is not affiliated with UEG.



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