Education Committee 

The Education Committee reinforces UEG as the main provider and leading actor in advanced postgraduate training in gastroenterology, hepatology and Endoscopy.

It endorses current and develops additional mechanisms for basic science and evidence based medicine to link into clinical gastroenterology and teaching. It aims for further developing effective training tools and new teaching formats to meet the learning requirements of the future and, by this, enhances quality of teaching in Europe.

Education Committee, March 2019

Chair Education Committee 

Charles Murray

Royal Free Hospital
Department of Gastroenterology
Pond Street
NW3 2QG London
United Kingdom

Education Committee Members

Mustapha Adham, France (EFISDS)

Imran Aslam, United Kingdom (ESCP)

Ulrich Beuers, The Netherlands (EASL)

Djuna Cahen, The Netherlands (EPC)

Minneke Coenraad, The Netherlands (National Societies Committee Representative)

Pierluigi Fracasso, Italy (ESPCG)

Helmut Friess, Germany (EDS)

Iva Hojsak, Croatia (ESPGHAN)

Georgina Hold, United Kingdon (EHMSG) 

Tomáš Hucl,
Czech Republic (ESGE)

Zeljko Krznaric, Croatia (ESPEN)

Tomica Milosavljevic, Serbia (EAGEN)

Radislav Nakov, Bulgaria (Young Talent Group Representative)

Jaroslaw Regula, Poland (ESDO)

Edoardo Savarino, Italy (ESNM)

Marek Soltés, Slovakia (EAES)

Stephan Vavricka, Switzerland (ECCO) 

Christoph Zech, Switzerland (ESGAR) 

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