New & improved Basic Science Courses

Summer 2020
Exact dates and locations TBC shortly.

Redesigned concept
3 topics – 3 centres – 3 cities

Your opportunity! Your chance to select the topic that best matches your research focus!

What do the new and improved Basic Science Courses offer?
Notably smaller groups (maximum 15 individuals), a considerable increase in the amount of time allocated for hands-on training, increased participant interaction with tutors and faculty and so much more.

Watch out for upcoming details!

Course overview 

We are happy to announce that the UEG Education Committee is improving the concept of the Basic Science Course and we will have not one, but three Basic Science Courses in 2020!

These new and improved educational opportunities are for young PhDs and basic science-oriented MDs from across Europe who are in the field of gastroenterology. 

These UEG classroom courses combine state-of-the-art lectures with hands-on training in the laboratory. These courses offer extremely small sessions with a maximum of 15 individuals per session and even smaller groups for hands-on training 

The exclusive and intimate settings within which participants are able to learn from faculty are unparalleled in terms of the academic and social benefits they produce. 

More details to follow by the end of 2019!

  • ≤ 5 years research experience in the field
  • Age 40 and below

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