Meeting of Members

The Meeting of Members is composed of members of UEG. It has various responsibilities defined in the UEG Statutes, including electing the major officers of UEG.

It has a total number of 81 representatives and is composed as follows:

  • 51 representatives from all Ordinary Member Societies,
  • 30 Representatives from National Society Members.

Meeting of Members representatives are designated to serve a four year term. They gather once a year, usually at UEG Week. The UEG Council reserves the right to summon the Meeting of Members together whenever needed.

Meeting of Members representatives

Meeting of Members, October 2016

Ordinary Members Representatives

Jaap Bonjer, The Netherlands 
Nicole D. Bouvy, Netherlands      
Nader Francis, United Kingdom   

Tamara Matysiak Budnik, France
Jaroslaw Regula, Poland 
Davor Stimac, Croatia

Philip Newsome, UK
Maria Reig, Spain
Frank Tacke, Germany          

Silvio Danese, Italy
Ailsa Hart, UK
Julian Panes, Spain            

Isabella Frigerio, Italy
Jan D’Haese, Germany          
Daniel Hartmann, Germany

Roger Leicester, United Kingdom
Yogesh Vashist, Switzerland
Nuha Yassin, UK

Javier Gisbert, Spain
Francis Megraud, France
Annemieke Smet, Belgium        

Marco Del Chiaro, Sweden       
Enrique de Madaria, Spain 
Jonas Rosendahl, Germany

Imran Aslam, UK
Roel Hompes, The Netherlands
Carolynne Vaizey, UK

Thomas Seufferlein, France
Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium
Jean-Luc Van Laethem, Belgium

Maria Antonietta Bali, Belgium
Andrea Laghi, Italy
Jaap Stoker, The Netherlands

Raf Bisschops, Belgium          
Helmut Messmann, Germany
Maria Pellisé, Spain

Adam Farmer, UK
Goran Hauser, Croatia
Sabine Roman, France         

Holger Moch, Switzerland
Peter Schirmacher, Germany
Dina Tiniakos, United Kingdom

Foteini Anastasiou, Greece
Juan Mendive, Spain    
Jean Muris, The Netherlands             

Marianna Arvanitaki, Belgium
Stephan Bischoff, Germany
Andre Van Gossum, Belgium                

Lorenzo D'Antiga, Italy
Jernej Dolinsek, Slovenia
Sanja Kolacek, Croatia

National Societies Representatives

United for digestive health  

UEG acts as an umbrella organisation for our Ordinary and National Member Societies in Europe and the Mediterranean Area. 
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