National Societies Committee

The remit of the National Societies Committee (NSC) is to maximise communication and strengthen relationships between the National Societies and UEG.

Through cross-representation in other UEG committees, members of the NSC stand up to harmonise National Societies and UEG in their scientific, educational and public affairs activities, with specific objectives including improved healthcare for GI patients, more widespread screening for GI diseases and addressing work force inequalities. Related to these objectives, the NSC aims at promoting closer ties with and between all of UEG’s National Society Members, and at supporting the National Societies in their scientific and professional activities.

National Societies Committee, Jan. 2018

Chair National Societies Committee

Dan L. Dumitrascu

University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Hatieganu
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

National Societies Committee Members

Francesc Balaguer, Spain

Doron Boltin, Israel

Elisabetta Buscarini, Italy

Cristina Carretero, Spain

Minneke J. Coenraad, The Netherlands

Henriette Heinrich, Switzerland

Jan Martinek, Czech Republic

Andreas Sturm, Germany

United for digestive health  

UEG acts as an umbrella organisation for our Ordinary and National Member Societies in Europe and the Mediterranean Area. 
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