National Societies Forum

The National Societies Forum acts as the central communication channel between National Societies and UEG.

The forum's main task is to elect the members of the National Societies Committee and the National Societies Representatives to the Meeting of Members. Each National Society is invited to appoint one representative to this board which meets twice a year. 

National Societies Forum, January 2018

Members of the National Societies Forum

Monica Acalovschi, Romania
Istvan Altorjay, Hungary
Gocha Barbakadze, Georgia (GNGHS)
Serhat Bor, Turkey
Jan Borovicka, Switzerland               
Luis Bujanda, Spain (AEG)
Jelena Derova, Latvia
Massimo Fantini, Italy (SIGE)
Reidar Fossmark, Norway
Ivica Grgurevic, Croatia
Kalina Grivcheva Stardelova, Macedonia
Elizabeth Half, Israel
Martin Hiele, Belgium (VVGE)
Frank Heieck, Luxembourg
Julio Iglesias, Spain (SEPD)
Loubna Kabbaj, Morocco
Alexander Katzarov, Bulgaria
Ani Kocharyan, Armenia
David Laharie, France
Gioacchino Leandro, Italy (AIGO)                                 
Kaija-Leena Kolho, Finnland
James Lindsay, United Kingdom
Milan Lukas, Czech Republic
Benno Margus, Estonia
Deirdre McNamara, Ireland
Theodore Rokkas, Greece
Grazyna Rydzewska, Poland
Aida Saray, Bosnia&Hercegovina
Rainer Schöfl, Austria
Jakob B. Seidelin, Denmark
Matthijs Schwartz, The Netherlands (NVMDL)       
Oleg Shvets, Ukraine
Marsela Sina, Albania
Olga Storonova, Russia
Hans Strid, Sweden
Andreas Sturm, Germany
Bojan Tepeš, Slovenia
Luis Tomé, Portugal
Andrea van der Meulen, The Netherlands (NVGE)  
Catherine Van Kemseke, Belgium (SRBGE)
Jonas Valantinas, Lithuania
Arber Veliu, Kosovo
Eduard Veseliny, Slovakia

Rules of Procedure

All regulations related to National Society Membership and representation in UEG Boards and Committees are summarised in the Rules of Procedure.

Download Rules of Procedure (09.05.2018)

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