Young Talent Group

The Young Talent Group promotes junior physicians and researchers working in the field of gastroenterology.

In collaboration with UEG committees, the group members develop initiatives for young specialists, such as the Young GI Network at UEG Week or the Visiting Fellowship Programmes.

Young Talent Group, October 2017

Chair Young Talent Group

Yasmijn van Herwaarden

Geert Grooteplein-Zuid 10
6525 GA Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Young Talent Group Members

Johan Burisch, Denmark

Henriette Heinrich, Switzerland

Grainne Holleran, Ireland

Gianluca Ianiro, Italy

Ivana Mikolasevic, Croatia

Radislav Nakov, Bulgaria

Iago Rodríguez Lago, Spain 

Maciej Salaga, Poland

Friends of YTG

The friends distribute information about UEG, and provide feedback to YTG initiatives on behalf of their country’s young gastroenterologists and scientists.

Karim Abdelrahman, Switzerland

Fredrik Åberg, Finland

Tomer Adar, Israel

Ege Altan, Turkey

Tomislav Bokun, Croatia

Tony Bruns, Germany

Johan Burisch, Denmark

Valeria Castro, Sweden

Aleksejs Derovs, Latvia

Yulia Evsyutina , Russia

Klaudia Farkas, Hungary

Rosa Ferreira, Portugal

Abdellah Hedjoudje , France

Matthis Heibert, Norway

Grainne Holleran, Ireland

Gianluca Ianiro, Italy (SIGE)

Madalina Ilie, Romania

Pantelis Karatzas, Greece

Alexander Katzarov, Bulgaria

Otar Kepuladze, Georgia (GNGHS)

Wafaa Khannoussi, Morocco

Jan Kral, Czech Republic

Juozas Kupcinskas, Lithuania

Jean-Philippe Loly, Belgium

Marko Malvik, Estonia

Guido Manfredi, Italy (AIGO)

Oscar Murcia Pomares, Spain (AEG)

Aren Nersisyan, Armenia

Yana Nikiforova, Ukraine

Genc Paqarizi, Kosovo

Iago Rodríguez-Lago, Spain (SEPD)

Marsela Sina, Albania

Sanjin Spreckic, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Katja Tepeš, Slovenia

Anneleen Van Hootegem, Belgium

Yasmijn van Herwaarden, The Netherlands

Anche Volkanovska , Macedonia

Monika Widlak, United Kingdom

UEG Week 2018

Young GI Network

Only for delegates below 40: meet at the Young GI Lounge to network with peers from around the world.
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Job opportunities for young GIs  

Browse through open positions in the field of digestive health or sign up for email notifications.
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Visiting Fellowship for clinicians

€ 1,250 grant for fellows below 40 to spend two weeks at a renowned European training centre.
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