UEG Journal Best Paper Award

With this award we recognise the first-named author of the best original scientific research, published in UEG Journal in the past year. 

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Journal Best Paper Awardee 2017

This year’s Journal Best Paper Award goes to Clive H. Wilder-Smith, as the first author of the winning article:

Gastro-oesophageal reflux is common in oligosymptomatic patients with dental erosion: A pH-impedance and endoscopic study

Clive H. Wilder-Smith is Managing Director of the Brain-Gut Research Group and Consultant at the Department of Preventive, Restorative and Paediatric Dentistry at Bern University, Switzerland. He states, “the intestinal organs play a major role in many diseases, including those of the nervous or immune systems. The translation of this new knowledge into daily clinical practice is both my goal and my privilege.” He is author of more than 150 publications.

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