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With this award we recognise the first-named author of the best original scientific research, published in UEG Journal in the past year. 

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Journal Best Paper Awardee 2018

This year’s Journal Best Paper Award goes to Joaquín Cubiella as the first author of the winning article:

Correlation between adenoma detection rate in colonoscopy- and fecal immunochemical testing-based colorectal cancer screening programs

Dr Joaquín Cubiella is a clinical researcher at the Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Ourense, Spain. His two main areas of research interest in the last 20 years have been the diagnosis and prevention of CRC and the coordination and integration with primary healthcare. He has participated in national and international research projects in the field of diagnosis (COLONPREDICT), screening (COLONPREV), prevention (EPoS, Seguicol) and risk assessment in familal or hereditary forms of CRC (EPICOLON, EPIPOLIP, ParCoFIT).

In recent years, his research group in the Galicia Sur Health Research Institute has focused on the development, validation and evaluation of diagnostic biomarkers of CRC. He is author of more than 90 publications.

Joaquín Cubiella received the award during the 2nd part of the Opening Session of UEG Week Vienna 2018 on Monday, October 22, 2018.

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