Lifetime Achievement Award

Each year UEG recognises outstanding individuals who have made fundamental contributions to gastroenterology as a whole and the UEG community in particular. 

Awardees have helped to improve the lives of people with gastrointestinal diseases and their contributions, leadership and impact have been of importance for the UEG community. Their work is widely acknowledged by the gastroenterological community.

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Lifetime Achievement Awardee 2019: Peter Malfertheiner

Professor Peter Malfertheiner has had a career spanning more than 40 years across Europe and is widely acknowledged by the community of gastroenterologists in Europe for his outstanding accomplishments as initiator, leader and mentor that have improved the lives of patients. 

Born in Italy in 1950, he attended medical school and trained in Italy and Germany, and had a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. Under his Chairmanship the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Magdeburg, Germany, thrived to a leading institution in gastroenterology. He is an expert in many fields of gastroenterology, including pancreatic diseases and endoscopy. His research on H. pylori made him one of the world’s leading experts in this arena. He was founder and President of the European Helicobacter Study Group, and was the driving force in establishing the Maastricht consensus reports. For the first time, evidence was presented to support H. pylori screening and eradication in populations and individuals at high risk for gastric cancer.

Peter Malfertheiner is also Editor of Digestive Diseases and Associate Editor of Gastrointestinal Tumors and has served on Editorial Boards of many other journals. Presently, he coordinates research projects related to H.pylori, gut microbiota and hepatocellular cancer.

Additionally he served the UEG community throughout his career: He was President and remains Governing Board Member of EAGEN. He was Chairman of UEG in 2004, President of UEG Week 2006 and the first Chairman of the Education Committee. Peter Malfertheiner developed the well-known European bridging meetings “East meets West” and co-founded the „Healthy Stomach Initiative“, which conducts scientific meetings and public awareness events globally to promote stomach health. 

Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists

  • who have had a career spanning at least 30 years and are widely acknowledged by the broader gastroenterological community
  • whose outstanding accomplishments have improved the lives of people with GI diseases
  • whose contributions, leadership and impact have been of importance for the UEG community

Past awardees

  • 2018: Colm O’Morain, Ireland
  • 2017: Anthony Axon, United Kingdom
  • 2016: Günter J. Krejs, Austria
  • 2015: Chris Hawkey, United Kingdom
  • 2014: Christoph Beglinger, Switzerland
  • 2013: Giovanni Gasbarrini, Italy
  • 2012: Jean-Paul Galmiche, France
  • 2011: Hermon Dowling, United Kingdom
  • 2010: Juan-R. Malagelada, Spain
  • 2009: Guido Tytgat, The Netherlands

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