EBM Course 2017

October 28-29, 2017
UEG Week 2017, Barcelona, Spain

Having become an inherent part of UEG’s continuing education programme, the 8th UEG Evidence Based Medicine Course took place on Saturday and Sunday during our 25th UEG Week in Barcelona, Spain. The educational goal of intensifying the flow of knowledge from academic research to clinical practice was achieved and well received by participants.

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Combining interdisciplinary clinical cases with questions of diagnosis and therapy, the course programme tackled the range of questions that occur when searching for information that allows one to base clinical practice on scientific evidence. Thirty-one junior and senior physicians from across Europe and the globe gained an insightful overview on search strategies to best navigate various information sources, including databases, digital libraries and critically appraised scientific findings. The final course module focused on how to best incorporate this newly acquired knowledge into daily work. UEG awarded participants 11 CME credits upon completion of the course.

During this highly interactive course, short faculty lectures alternated with group work in small teams and inclusive discussions. Attendees were encouraged to question, discuss and comment on all presented topics. Guided by tutors, participants had the opportunity to immediately practise using their newly learned information and receive supportive feedback from both faculty and peers. Saturday morning was dedicated to an electronic quiz. The quiz was an enjoyable variation in the programme, during which open issues were determined and discussed.

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Networking Events

On Friday evening, participants and faculty had a welcome reception together. On Saturday evening, they attended a combined dinner with UEG’s 2017 Rising Stars and Young Talent Group. Both networking events were highly appreciated occasions to connect, socialise, exchange ideas, and expand professional networks.