Clinical effectiveness of golimumab in ulcerative colitis: a prospective multicentre study based on the Swedish National Quality Registry for IBD, SWIBREG

(1) Faculty of Medicine and Health, Örebro University,Örebro,Sweden

(2) Trelleborg Hospital,Trelleborg,Sweden

(3) Danderyd Hospital,Stockholm,Sweden

(4) MSD,Stockholm,Sweden

(5) Linköping University,Linköping,Sweden

(6) School of Medical Sciences, Örebro University,Örebro,Sweden

(7) Karolinska University Hospital,Stockholm,Sweden

(8) Skåne University Hospital,Lund,Sweden

(9) Södra Älvsborgs Hospital,Borås,Sweden

This item was part of the IBD I (Posters) session at UEG Week 2019

This item can be cited as: United European Gastroenterology Journal Volume 7 Issue 8 (Supplement), October 2019