Three European centers experience of endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) for treatment of gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumors (NETs)

(1) Royal Free Unit for Endoscopy, The Royal Free Hospital and University College London (UCL) Institute for Liver and Digestive Health,London,United Kingdom

(2) Erasme Hospital, Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatopancreatology and Digestive Oncology, ULB,Brussels,Belgium

(3) Erasme Hospital,Brussels,Belgium

(4) Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,London,United Kingdom

(5) Neuroendocrine Tumour Unit, Centre for Gastroenterology, ENETS Centre of Excellence, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust,London,United Kingdom

(6) University Centre of Lyon, Department of Endoscopy,Lyon,France

(7) University Centre of Lyon, Department of Oncology,Lyon,France

This item was part of the Other Lower GI Disorders III (Posters) session at UEG Week 2019

This item can be cited as: United European Gastroenterology Journal Volume 7 Issue 8 (Supplement), October 2019