What is the optimal management of paraduodenal pancreatitis? Surgery is associated with higher incidence of diabetes but similar quality of life and pain control

(1) University of Verona,Verona,Italy

(2) Ospedale Borgo Roma, Verona,Verona,Italy

(3) G.B. Rossi Borgo Roma Hospital,Verona,Italy

(4) Unit of General and Pancreatic Surgery, University of Verona Hospital Trust,Verona,Italy

(5) University of Verona Cattedra di Gastroenterologia Dept. of Medicine - Medicine, University of Veron,Verona,Italy

This item was part of the Pancreas II (Posters) session at UEG Week 2019

This item can be cited as: United European Gastroenterology Journal Volume 7 Issue 8 (Supplement), October 2019