E-learning adventures at UEG Week 2015

October 20, 2015 By: Natalie Wood

UEG E-learning Web Editorial Team: Rui Castro, Tomer Adar, Bjorn Rembacken, Charles Murray (Director of E-learning), Rune Stensvold, Natalie Wood.

E-learning adventures at UEG Week 2015

Getting ready for a busy few days in Barcelona!

UEG Week 2015 is just around the corner and the UEG E-learning team is getting ready for a busy few days in Barcelona! As well as meeting to plan future UEG Education online courses and content, we’ll be spending time at the UEG Booth and the Young GI Lounge in Hall 8.0 during many of the session breaks on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ll also be attending the “Young GI Network—Let’s Meet” reception on Sunday evening. If you’d like to meet the team to find out more about what we do, discuss how we can best serve you and how you might be able to get involved, then please do come and say hello!

Tomer, Rui and Bjorn will also be chairing sessions and, as one of this year’s UEG Rising Stars, Rui will be presenting his work on microRNAs in NASH in Room E1 during the first session on Wednesday morning. The team will also be attending many of the sessions to get their annual updates across the breadth of the field, and below are a few highlights that everyone is looking forward to.

Charlie’s choice: As usual there is so much excellent content that the problem will be fitting it all in. I'll certainly be attending the Rising Stars session, highlighting the best of our researchers from Europe and the USA—this is always an inspiring session. I'll also be playing close attention to the IBD free paper sessions. Like Rune, I'm looking forward to attending the microbiota-focused sessions. And for all the rest there is UEG Week Live!

Bjorn’s choice: My pick of the sessions would be “Endoscopic management of benign oesophageal strictures.” I am convinced that in treatment-resistant cases a “stricturoplasty”—whereby the stricture is cut with an endoscopic knife—can turn failure into victory. I would like to discuss this option with the presenters!

Tomer’s choice: There are many attractive learning options at the upcoming UEG Week, ranging from basic science to practical patient management. I am looking forward to “Introducing the omics: A guide for clinicians” on Monday morning, as part of the Today’s Science; Tomorrow’s Medicine lectures. This field has evolved greatly and I am looking to hear an update on the implications for clinicians.  I am also glad the Postgraduate Teaching Programme has a session dedicated to lower GI bleeding, a topic that applies to our everyday practice.

Rui’s choice: I am particularly interested in the hepatobiliary pathway, featuring different session formats on liver cirrhosis and cholestasis. And I always love the Today’s Science; Tomorrow’s Medicine sessions, showing just how much can be achieved from a well-sustained and rational basic-to-translational/clinical research plan. And speaking of research, I am also looking forward to a great panel discussion at the “How to do research?” Hotspot Symposia!

Rune’s choice: The impact of the intestinal microbiota on human health and disease is something that never ceases to fascinate me, and of course, I’ll be giving priority to the gut microbiota pathway. I’m especially looking forward to the session chaired by my colleague Mirjana Rajilic-Stojanovic and Giovanni Barbara on evolving microbiota concepts in GI disorders on Tuesday. Here, Paul O'Toole will deliver a talk with the title “Microbiota: What gastroenterologists should know.”

Natalie’s choice: I love a bit of controversy, so I’m really looking forward to visiting the UEG Week Hotspot to see some of the new session formats—Abstracts on Fire, Clinical Trials Revisited and Hotspot Symposia—in action! Coming from a basic research background, I’m also particularly interested in the sessions on the ‘omics’ and learning more about what difference they are making to practical patient care and what they might allow us to achieve in the future.

Don’t forget to look out for tweets from all of the team (@CharlieMuz, @Bjorn_Rembacken, @Eukaryotes, @RuiCastroHD, @adartom and @nataliewood06) during UEG Week (#uegweek)! Why not join the dialogue and tell us what’s got your attention? And if you like twitter debates then make sure you’re online for the #WeekChat on Sunday with Mark Hull (@mark_tbh; Diet, microbiota and colonic disease) and on Tuesday with Chris Hawkey (@chrishawkey; Updates on stem cell research in gastroenterology).

There will also be three Decide on the Spot cases published in the UEG Week News and online during UEG Week (on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday)—the answer and explanation for each case will be posted online the following day. Those of you who view the case online, sign in to myUEG and post a comment or answer in the comments section will qualify for a complimentary UEG Education Power Bank, which is perfect for charging your mobile devices on the go! To receive your UEG Education Power Bank, simply come and show us your post on the laptop at the UEG booth in Hall 8.0. Please note that comments on social media don’t count, participants are entitled to a maximum of one Power Bank and the number of Power Banks available each day is limited!

Wishing you all an enjoyable and productive time in Barcelona! 



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