Dyspepsia in the community

UEG Week 2012

Distinguishing GORD and dyspepsia in clinical practice: Can we and should we?
English, Presentation, Clinical aspects, Aetiology / Causes, Reflux disease, Columnar, Stomach, Classification, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Clinical presentation, Neuro-Gastroenterology, Dyspepsia, 2012
The changing face of dyspepsia: Impact of falling H. pylori prevalence and over-the-counter PPI use
English, Presentation, Clinical aspects, Medical management, Classification, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Dyspepsia, 2012
Current and Future treatment options for dyspepsia
English, Presentation, Medical management, Aetiology / Causes, Oesophagus, Non-ulcer dyspepsia, Reflux disease, Investigation and Diagnosis, Stomach, Classification, Epidemiology, Dyspepsia, 2012