UEG Patient Affairs Policy

UEG's Vision

UEG's Aims

  • To establish active partnerships with pan-European patient organisations, carrying out joint activities in the field of digestive health
  • To consult, listen to and learn from pan-European patient organisations and to support them wherever resources allow
  • To act as a central hub of European digestive health information and disseminate knowledge about the latest advances in digestive disease, research, prevention and management
  • To work in conjunction with patient organisations to help raise public awareness of gastrointestinal diseases and related screening programmes
  • To promote links to related patient organisations operating in and throughout Europe
  • To share best practice and encourage joint working initiatives with and between patient organisations
  • To work with national and specialist medical societies to increase patient organisation involvement in digestive health initiatives and activities on a pan European and national basis

 UEG's Tasks 

  1. To supervise, review and work with professional public relations and EU affairs agencies engaged by UEG to help meet our aims and vision with regards to patient relations
  2. To develop and co-ordinate a register of patient organisations operating in Europe, together with their key contacts
  3. To pro-actively build links with relevant pan-European patient organisations
  4. To work with patient organisations on events, activities and initiatives to help raise the profile of digestive health within public and political arenas
  5. To promote patient organisation activity and improve their links with UEG
  6. To share information, online links and best practice via UEG communications channels
  7. To pro-actively seek to involve patient organisations in awareness raising activity during UEG Week


UEG's Patient Affairs Policy has been developed in line with UEG's 2015-2018 strategic plan.

To read the plan, please click here.