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Colorectal Screening Across Europe Leaflet

September 28, 2017

Colorectal Cancer Across Europe

Find out more about colorectal cancer screening across Europe.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the most common type of GI cancer in Europe with 68 CRC cases per 100,000 population. CRC accounted for 342,137 diagnoses and 14.3% of all cancer diagnoses in Europe in 2012. The disease has a higher rate in men (79 cases per 100,000) than women (54 CRC cases per 100,000).

There is strong evidence to demonstrate that screening for CRC reduces incidence and mortality rates, yet there are vast inequalities in CRC screening throughout the continent. To highlight the current state of CRC screening in Europe, UEG have developed a leaflet titled ‘Colorectal Screening Across Europe’.

The leaflet includes strong evidence that demonstrates how screening reduces CRC incidence and mortality rates, the latest CRC incidence rates by European country and the various screening methods currently employed across Europe.

The leaflet is being launched at the European Digestive Cancer Days (EDCD) conference in Prague. The EDCD conference aims to cover not only the discussion of state-of-art scientific issues, but also policy makers’ and patients’ viewpoints to facilitate the implementation of high-priority cancer control activities. For highlights from the EDCD conference, view @my_UEG on Twitter or visit #EDCD17.


View the Colorectal Cancer Screening Across Europe leaflet

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