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World Digestive Health Day Infographic

May 29, 2018

World Digestive Health Day Infographic

View our new hepatitis infographic for World Digestive Health Day 2018

In support of World Digestive Health 2018, UEG, along with EASL, ELPA and the WGO, have produced a new infographic on hepatitis B & C virus infections.

World Digestive Health Day occurs annually on May 29 and focuses on a new digestive disorder each year. The theme for this year is hepatitis B and C virus infections, which are the most common forms of hepatitis in Europe.

There are 29,000 newly diagnosed cases of hepatitis C in the EU every year and 15 million Europeans are estimated to be infected with the virus. With regard to hepatitis B, 13 million Europeans are estimated to be infected. Despite high incidence rates and the alarming complications that can develop from hepatitis B and C, which include chronic liver disease, liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, predictions estimate that just one in five newly infected people become aware of their virus at the time of infection. Even though hepatitis B and C are such large public health issues in Europe, over half of European countries lack national strategies to address them.

This information, and further statistics on hepatitis B and C virus infections, can be found in a new infographic produced by UEG for World Digestive Health Day 2018. UEG would also like to thank the support of EASL and ELPA in producing this infographic, as well as endorsement from the WGO, who organise World Digestive Health Day every year.

UEG hope that this infographic can help to raise awareness of hepatitis B and C and encourage organisations to view, download and share the resource.

Download the infographic


About the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO)

With over 50,000 individual members worldwide, the World Gastroenterology Organisation is a federation with over 100 Member Societies and four Regional Associations.

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About the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)

EASL has evolved into a major European Association with international influence dedicated to the liver and liver disease. EASL has over 4,000 members from all over the world and provides an annual platform, The International Liver Congress, for 11,000 liver experts to meet and discuss latest scientific research. 

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About the European Liver Patients’ Organisation (ELPA)

ELPA's aim is to promote the interests of people with liver disease and in particular: to highlight the size of the problem; to promote awareness and prevention; to address the low profile of liver disease as compared to other areas of medicine such as heart disease; to share experience of successful initiatives; to work with professional bodies such as EASL and with the EU to ensure that treatment and care are harmonised across Europe to the highest standards.

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