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World Hepatitis Day – Global Summary Report

October 12, 2017

World Hepatitis Day – Global Summary Report

Explore the aims, outcomes and learnings from this year’s World Hepatitis Day. 

World Hepatitis Day was held on 28 July, 2017 and was a day that brought the world together with the common aim of eliminating viral hepatitis. Being one of only four disease-specific global awareness days officially endorsed by the World Health Organisation, World Hepatitis Day united patient organisations, governments, medical professionals and the general public to boost the global profile of viral hepatitis.

Demanding action in disease prevention and access to testing, treatment and care was a key focus for this year’s campaign. Thanks to the effort of 162 countries and 106 national governments, World Hepatitis Day 2017 was a huge success. There were over 1,200 events across the globe, including screening and vaccination drives, public seminars, press briefings, marches and health fairs, as well as creative events such as awareness-raising pop songs and the illumination of well-known landmarks.

The day was successful in garnering the attention and support of heads of state, ministers, celebrities, private corporations, civil society organisations, the media and the general public. The support resulted in more than 29,282 people being vaccinated, as well as more than 48,985 people being vaccinated for viral hepatitis.

Following the success of World Hepatitis Day, the World Hepatitis Alliance have released a report to showcase the many activities around the world and how supporters’ work has helped transform the lives of millions living with the illness.

View the World Hepatitis Day Global Summary Report

About World Hepatitis Alliance

The World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) is a patient-led and patient driven non-governmental organisation (NGO). With over 249 member patient groups from 84 countries, WHA works with governments, national members and other key partners to raise awareness of viral hepatitis and influence global change. To achieve a world free from viral hepatitis, they provide global leadership in advocacy, awareness-raising and the fight to end its social injustice.


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