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Join the European Parliament Interest Group on Digestive Health in the 2019-2024 Term!  

The Digestive Health Group has been established in 2018 counting 17 MEPs in the previous legislature. The Group is currently in the process of re-establishing, and it is intended to be a cross-party platform with members from different EU Member States. To become a member email to Andreea Botos or subscribe online.  

The Group's main objectives are outlined in the EU´s elections manifesto for Digestive Heath. The manifesto is translated in 8 languages and underlines four major areas of concern: nutrition (healthy marketing and nutrition polices), alcohol consumption, chronic digestive diseases and digestive cancers.

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Mission of the group

The European Parliament Interest Group on Digestive Health brings together MEPs who are interested in, and passionate about, promoting improvements in all elements of digestive health and EU research policy initiatives aimed at tackling these diseases across the European continent. The Group’s overarching mission is to ensure that continually improving digestive health becomes and remains an integral part of the EU health and research agenda; serving as a platform of exchange between the scientific community and policy makers. 

The Group will raise awareness of the need for better prevention, improved treatment and a greater understanding of the causes of digestive diseases, and will draw attention to the real-life impact of digestive diseases, the socio-economic burden that such diseases cause, and foster health literacy regarding digestive diseases to strengthen the competence of citizens to manage their (digestive) health.

Key topics that the Group will address include:

  • Prevention & treatment of digestive diseases: Ensuring equitable access to quality prevention and treatment, fostering health literacy
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle, in particular relating to digestive health
  • Social and economic costs of (chronic) digestive diseases 
  • Nutrition/ marketing polices encouraging healthy lifestyles
  • Mitigation of alcohol related harm
  • Digestive cancers: implementation of quality-controlled screening programmes across Europe; increasing standards in cancer care
  • Foster research on these topics in Horizon Europe to ensure better understanding and treatment of digestive diseases and of their causes


  • Reformulating processed foods for better health, November 28 2018
    This was the theme of the third European Digestive Health Summit 2018, hosted by the MEP Digestive Health Group
    Find out more

  • Putting Pancreatic Cancer on the map – what we have and what we need, October 10, 2018
    Download the agenda

  • Launch of Digestive Health Group, 15 May 2018
    The Digestive Health Group was launched on 15 May at the European Parliament. 
    Download the event report

The MEP Digestive Health Group receives secretarial and scientific support from United European Gastroenterology, a medical association representing gastroenterologists.
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