UEG Patient Affairs Policy

UEG's Vision

UEG's Aims

  • To establish active partnerships with pan-European patient organisations, carrying out joint activities in the field of digestive health
  • To consult, listen to and learn from pan-European patient organisations and to support them wherever resources allow
  • To act as a central hub of European digestive health information and disseminate knowledge about the latest advances in digestive disease, research, prevention and management
  • To work in conjunction with patient organisations to help raise public awareness of gastrointestinal diseases and related screening programmes
  • To promote links to related patient organisations operating in and throughout Europe
  • To share best practice and encourage joint working initiatives with and between patient organisations
  • To work with national and specialist medical societies to increase patient organisation involvement in digestive health initiatives and activities on a pan European and national basis

 UEG's Tasks 

  1. To supervise, review and work with professional public relations and EU affairs agencies engaged by UEG to help meet our aims and vision with regards to patient relations
  2. To pro-actively build links with relevant pan-European patient organisations
  3. To promote patient organisation activity and improve their links with UEG
  4. To share information, online links and best practice via UEG communications channels
  5. To pro-actively seek to involve patient organisations in awareness raising activity during UEG Week


UEG is dedicated to working with patient organisations and key stakeholders in the interests of raising awareness of GI issues and bettering patient outcomes.

The UEG Patient Affairs team are actively engaging with a range of patient organisations to share best practice, increase awareness of UEG activities, promote greater awareness of gastroenterology diseases and to discuss potential collaborative opportunities. If your organisation would like to work with UEG in any of the ways listed below, please contact the UEG Patient Affairs team using the details listed in the contact section below.


UEG have developed patient information videos, in partnership with patient organisations and scientific societies and will continue to do so in the future. These videos have been produced to help patients understand the current issues and evidence for these disease areas and outline what the future might look like. Patient organisations are welcome to use these videos on their websites, e-newsletters and social media portals.

Alcohol and Digestive Cancers: Time for Change - produced with the endorsement of ELPA and EuropaColon  

The IBD Journey - produced with the support of EFCCA

Diet, Lifestyle and GI Cancer - produced in collaboration with EuropaColon

Hepatitis - produced in collaboration with ELPA

Childhood Obesity: The impact of nutrition on health - produced in collaboration with World Digestive Health Day, ESNM, ESPGHAN and WGO

Gut Microbes: Importance in Health and Disease - produced in collaboration with AGE, AOECS, EuropaColon, ECPC, EFCCA, ELPA, WDHD

UEG has an active press and media relations office. It undertakes a number of media drives through out the year, covering all GI issues and places UEG experts in media outlets around the world.

The media team regularly work with patient organisations in order to offer scientific and expert commentary as well as patient perspectives.

Patient organisations are encouraged to contact UEG's patient affairs team below to express an interest in being involved in future press activity.

UEG are active on social media, promoting campaigns and engaging with patient organisations via the UEG Twitter account @my_UEG.

UEG share patient organisation news and resources, support awareness days and take part in and host Twitter chats. Some of the patient organisations that UEG has collaborated with include: EuropaColon, the World Hepatitis Alliance, ELPA, EFFCA, PCE and WGO.

In 2015, UEG ran the #FaceUp2CRC campaign in an effort to unite the public and the medical community in raising awareness of colorectal cancer (CRC) and the importance of screening.

UEG organise patient events and public health days with local, national and international patient organisations.

At UEG Week 2016, Austrian patient organisation OMCCV are due to hold a members' meeting at the congress with UEG experts present to deliver a talk on paediatric IBD.

In 2014, UEG hosted a high level 'think-tank' to come up with innovative solutions for increasing the particiption of colorectal cancer screening programmes. The think-tank included representatives from the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC), Europacolon, the European Patients Forum, Stop Darmkanker, the European Society for Primary Care Gastroenterology, UEG and the World Endoscopy Organisation (WEO).

Similarly, UEG worked with EFCCA, the Austrian Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis Association (OMCCV), the association for celiac sufferers in Austria, ÖPRD and EURAG Österreich to hold a public health day focusing on the latest research, thinking and treatment developments in IBD, Coeliac Disease and IBS.

UEG Patient Affairs
Luke Paskins

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