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EuropaColon: #Time4Change

February 07, 2018

EuropaColon's European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Campaign

EuropaColon: #Time4Change 

To coincide with European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March, EuropaColon are launching a campaign named #Time4Change to encourage an increased awareness of colorectal cancer and the inequalities of care across Europe for the disease.

Colorectal cancer is the most common digestive cancer in Europe, with 68 cases per 100,000 of the population. It is the continent’s second biggest cancer killer, with one European dying from the disease every three minutes. Despite these alarming statistics, colorectal cancer is preventable and curable in many cases.

There is strong evidence to demonstrate that screening for colorectal cancer reduces incidence and mortality rates and in the past decade, screening programmes have become more widespread across Europe. However, there are still vast inequalities across the continent which leads to varying participation rates in screening programmes and detection rates for the disease.

Awareness and research for colorectal cancer has also progressed, but EuropaColon state that there is still much more that can be done and believe it is #Time4Change.

To get involved, EuropaColon are encouraging members of the public, healthcare professionals, patients and policymakers to take three simple steps:

  • Print a downloadable poster from their website and add a simple statement about why you are supporting European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
  • Take a photo holding the sign (either individually or as a group)
  • Share your message and photo on social media using the hashtags #ECCAM18 and #Time4Change

Jola Gore-Booth, Founder and CEO of EuropaColon, states “EuropaColon is committed to preventing deaths and improving the quality of life for those affected by colorectal cancer. Collaborative working and patient advocacy is key to our work”.

Find out more about European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

About EuropaColon

EuropaColon is the voice of colorectal cancer patients in Europe and aims to save lives by bringing together all key stakeholders in the fight against this deadly disease, which is highly treatable if diagnosed early.

EuropaColon works with Affiliates and Associates to prioritise and raise the profile of digestive cancers in Europe. The aim is to promote and encourage increased awareness of the symptoms and prevention of these cancers.

Visit the EuropaColon website

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