Speaking with one voice - our position papers

March 05, 2020

Speaking with one voice - our position papers

Have a look at our position papers to stay current with UEG's advocacy efforts. 

UEG is active in promoting digestive health across Europe, in view of advancing the treatment and prevention of digestive diseases, reducing their socio-economic burden, promoting health literacy and achieving more and better funding to fight digestive diseases. At the core of our advocacy work are the following areas: nutrition, alcohol related-harm, chronic digestive diseases and digestive cancers. 

For each of these themes we monitor closely all the relevant policy developments and strive to drive change at policy and regulatory levels by issuing calls and recommendations to EU policymakers and other relevant stakeholders. 

To stay current with our advocacy efforts, see our latest position papers and statements:


Coordinating European Action Against Colorectal Cancer – CRC Manifesto (2020)

In this manifesto, UEG calls for the implementation of organised, population-based screening programmes across the entirety of the EU and for Member States to improve the coverage and quality of existing programmes and reduce the burden of colorectal cancer.

Read the manifesto

Key priorities for Horizon Europe Strategic Plan on Cluster 1 and its health-related challenges (2019)

The UEG Research Committee contributed to the consultation on Horizon Europe Strategic Plan, underlining UEG key priorities on Cluster 1 of the new EU research programme and its health-related challenges.

Read the position paper

UEG and WONCA joint statement on reducing the burden of chronic digestive diseases (2019)

This UEG and WONCA joint statement sheds light on the burden of chronic digestive diseases in Europe. It highlights the role of primary care physicians in reducing this burden and recommends key actions that can be taken in primary care settings.

Read the joint statement

Joint press statement: Spirits industry afraid of their own ingredients? (2019)

In response to the spirits’ industry approach to labelling their products, UEG together with Eurocare, EPHA, EASL, CPME, AIM and NordAN released a joint press statement pointing out the shortcomings of the self-regulatory approach on alcohol labelling. 

Read the joint statement

Horizon Europe, Framework Programme 9 (FP9) (2018)

In its position paper on Horizon Europe, Framework Programme 9, UEG makes five main calls to EU’s policymakers which correspond to the main areas of concern in gastroenterology.

Improving digestive health in Europe: Time to act (2018)

This position paper raises awareness about the magnitude of digestive diseases in Europe. It also creates awareness regarding the major risk factors for digestive health and calls for immediate action at EU-level.

Read UEG’s position paper on digestive health in Europe  

Digestive cancers: Why actions are needed? (2017)

This position paper gives an overview of the burden of digestive cancers within Europe and outlines concrete action to be taken at EU-level in order to improve the current state of art. 

Read UEG’s position paper on digestive cancers

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