Take a glance at key EU Affairs topics

January 06, 2019

At a glance: EU Affairs topics in 2019

We aim to promote digestive health in Europe throughout facilitating awareness of digestive cancers, chronic diseases, alcohol related harm, obesity and nutrition.

2019 is the year of the European Parliament election, which will take place in May 2019 and the new mandate of the European Commission will start in November.

2019 will be crucial for promoting digestive health towards the new political leadership and re-establishing the European Parliament Digestive Health Group. Alongside the topical awareness campaigns and events, UEG will develop a European election manifesto, a document sharing our vision for improvement of digestive health in Europe. We will distribute the manifesto to European decision-makers throughout the year.  

Key topics of the EU Affairs agenda in 2019:

European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

To mark European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March, UEG will develop an animated video titled ‘Face up to Colorectal Cancer’. The video will be used to educate European policymakers, members of the public and healthcare professionals on the importance of reducing CRC incidence and mortality rates through the participation of cost-effective screening and heightened awareness of key CRC symptoms and risk factors. 

Nutrition & chronic digestive diseases

Digestive Health Month will take place in May, supporting the World Gastroenterology Organisation in celebrating the World Digestive Health Day on May 29. UEG will look to enhance political and public understanding of digestive diseases. A key focus for the month will be nutrition and digestive health and UEG will produce a thought-leadership report to highlight key data such as EU obesity rates and economic burdens and the link between diet and digestive cancers. With the theme, “Nutrition & Digestive Health” UEG is looking to contribute to this year’s edition of the European Health Forum Gastein, a European health policy conference taking place beginning October.

Join us for the campaign on Twitter #DigestiveHealthMonth

Fighting alcohol related harm

UEG will also be advocating tighter regulations on alcoholic labelling to coincide with Awareness Week on Alcohol Related Harm in November. Here, an animation will be developed to outline the health implications of heavy alcohol consumption, how European consumers are currently unable to make informed choices and why an increase in the nutritional information on the labels of alcoholic beverages is required.