#Voice4PanCan - Give Pancreatic Cancer a Voice

Last October, UEG called upon the EU and its member states to fund more research into pancreatic cancer and to give pancreatic cancer a voice.

Pancreatic cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related death in the EU. The median five-year survival rate across Europe is as low as 5% and the average survival time at diagnosis is just 4.6 months. 

Find out more about UEG's campaign for pancreatic cancer below. 

Over the past 40 years, survival rates for the majority of the different cancer types has improved, yet the outlook for pancreatic cancer still hasn’t changed.

The knowledge of pancreatic cancer is alarmingly low and pancreatic cancer receives less than 2% of overall cancer research funding across Europe. Therefore, UEG launched the #Voice4PanCan campaign to call upon healthcare professionals, stakeholder organisations, policymakers and members of the public to sign a pledge to give pancreatic cancer a voice and for the European Commission and European Member States to fund more research into pancreatic cancer.

The #Voice4PanCan campaign was successfully supported by over 1,800 delegates from 99 different countries at UEG Week. UEG also ran a Thunderclap campaign which reached 240,965 people and produced an infographic which became UEG’s most shared single tweet ever, with 201 retweets and 149 likes, generating 28,920 impressions.

Thanks to everyone who got involved. We are giving pancreatic cancer a voice.

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