Paediatric Digestive Health Across Europe

UEG is committed to raising political and public awareness of digestive health conditions, in- forming policy makers and encouraging research.

‘Paediatric Digestive Health Across Europe’, commissioned by United European Gastroenterology (UEG), highlights how the current health burden and economic pressure of paediatric digestive health issues, in particular the increasing levels of childhood obesity, have become a pandemic issue throughout the continent.

The report canvasses the opinion of a number of paediatric GI specialists, who highlight areas of digestive health that show worrying trends and require urgent attention. Three areas that receive particular focus within the review are paediatric nutrition and obesity, paediatric inflammatory bowel disease and paediatric liver disease. 

'The Impact of Early Nutrition on Health' highlights the vital importance of healthy early nutrition in helping to reduce to levels of childhood obesity and the burden that this inflicts on healthcare economies.


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