€100,000 for excellence in research

With the Research Prize we support a future scientific research project from early stage to successful conclusion. 
Apply by April 21, 2020

Our key priorities for Horizon Europe

With our position paper we intend to help shaping the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan. 

The UEG Research Committee prepared a position paper to contribute to the consultation on the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan, the new EU Research programme following Horizon 2020.

Download the complete position paper

Horizon 2020 Session at UEG Week 2019

You are planning to or already applying to Horizon 2020 calls? Hear about success stories of H2020 applicants!

Our Horizon 2020 Session took place at UEG Week 2019 and is now freely available!

The session was chaired by UEG Research Committee Chair Luigi Ricciardiello and UEG Vice President Axel Dignass, and featured all relevant information for young as well as experienced researchers:
  • Luigi Ricciardiello explains how UEG supports your application to EU funding in several ways
  • Success stories of H2020 applicants: Harry Sokol explains the process of getting an ERC Grant and Edouard Louis reveals how he succeed and coordinated an H2020 proposal.
  • Key points of current and future European research programmes presented by the European Commission
  • Get to know what UEG is doing to improve European funding of researchers in digestive health and how you can help! 

Watch the webcast of the UEG Week 2019 session

The present EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, earmarks a total of 80 billion euros for distribution, including for medical research from 2014-2020. The EU institutions are negotiating the budget of the future Programme for 2021-2027, Horizon Europe, and its priorities now. Get to know the programme ahead! Watch the webcast of the UEG Week 2018 session

UEG, Member of BioMed Alliance 

Together we improve European funding for biomedical research and participation of researchers in decision making.

The Biomedical Alliance in Europe (BioMed Alliance) is the result of a unique initiative of leading European medical societies that together include more than 400,000 researchers and health professionals.

The BioMed Alliance was created in 2010 to gather strength across different disciplines and areas in biomedical and health research at European level. It is now comprising 30 leading societies across all medical disciplines, with UEG Treasurer-Elect Berthold Koletzko on the Board of Directors and the UEG Research Committee sending representatives to the BioMed Alliance General Assembly and relevant task forces such as on academic clinical trials.  The alliance promotes excellence in European biomedical research with a broad network covering EU governance and policymakers and is thus another pivotal partner to leverage UEG´s voice for the need for more research funding for digestive health. 

The EU Institutions are currently in the process of defining the EU´s 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9). In this context, the BioMed Alliance is advocating to increase the overall budget of the new FP9 research funding programme and to establish a “Steering Board for Health”, a science-led group to provide recommendations to the EU on health research. The BioMed Alliance has also recently been in exchange with the European Commission on the implementation of the medical device regulation in the EU. 

Visit the BioMed Alliance website for more information

Mathilde Ollivier

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Join the UEG Researchers Network

UEG is establishing a dedicated network and platform for exchange on EU funded research in digestive health. Find help to navigate in the EU platform “Funding & tender opportunities”.

Online registration will open soon.
If you have any questions or if you are interested to join, please just send a brief mail to Wilma Hofer.

€ 50,000 grant for a researcher to spend 12 months at a renowned European principal investigator. 

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Visiting Fellowship for Researcher

Meet at UEG Week!

UEG offers you excellent facilities to meet with colleagues to kick-off and promote your research activities.

We invite you to hold your consortia meetings at the annual UEG Week

UEG Week is the place to be for clinicians and researchers in the field of digestive health. Our congress is held each year in October. If you are interested to seize this fruitful setting for your consortium meeting and to apply for a meeting room at the venue, please email Mathilde Ollivier. 

Horizon 2020 Application Support

We support your pan-European consortium forming initiatives in the exploratory phase of applications to Horizon 2020 funding. Via simple, competitive grants

Our mission is to facilitate research in digestive health. Applying for EU research funding is a time-consuming and costly process. UEG is here to assist your application process.

We invest up to max. € 10,000 per consortium, to provide you with:
  • excellent meeting facilities at the House of European Gastroenterology in Vienna or at UEG Week
  • catering and other logistical meeting support onsite
  • reimbursement of costs for accommodation & travel (economy airfare) related to your meeting(s)
  • advice from our large community of top leading experts in digestive health, relevant to your research topic.

General overview on EU Funding

The EU provides several funding programmes to improve the citizens’ health and to support a wide range of research.

Survey of digestive health in Europe

UEG survey data call for more research funding and greater political and public awareness of the burden of GI disorders.