EU Funding

The EU provides several funding programmes to improve the citizens’ health and to support a wide range of research.

The idea of these different programmes is to support the work of the scientific community within the European Union to improve the different standards of research and public health among member states. These are to be seen as support programmes: Only part of the money that is needed to drive a scientific project will come from EU funding programmes. The rest of the project’s budget will have to be provided by those who run the research projects.

The EU has launched several research initiatives related to COVID-19 in Horizon 2020 Programme:

Detailed information on the initiatives

Horizon 2020 is the European Union’s main funding instrument for research and innovation. Over a period of seven years, around 80 billion Euro will be available for researchers in universities, companies and other institutions. The goal is to ensure Europe produces world-class science, removes barriers to innovation and makes it easier for the public and private sectors to work together in delivering innovation.
UEG aims at making access to these programmes easier through information updates, reference documents and network creation, as well as UEG Week sessions.

Detailed information and funding opportunities

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