Horizon 2020 Session at UEG Week

November 13, 2017

EU Funding: What UEG Can Offer

Download presentations on funding opportunities for digestive health research in Horizon 2020 and learn how your peers are managing European research grants.

Do not miss this year's Horizon 2020 Session at UEG Week Vienna to take place Tuesday, October 23, 2018 from 14:00-15:30, Room N1!

It will follow the success of last years session entitled “EU Funding: What UEG can offer”, held on occasion of the 25th Week in Barcelona. Chaired by UEG President Michael Manns and UEG Research Board Chair Arthur Kaser, the session was dedicated to meet with peers managing European research grants in digestive health research and to explain how UEG can support your application to EU funding.

The 2017 session featured:

For any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with Tina Waclawek.

Download presentations by clicking on the links above. We cordially thank our excellent speakers and audience for their valuable contributions!

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