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Summer School Recordings

Get access to 10 recorded lectures from recent Summer School

This intense clinical-based 4-day course is perfect for trainees and early career medical professionals. Recordings can now conveniently be watched from home. 

Jan Tack receives the UEG Research Prize in 2015

The award will support his research project aiming to identify novel ways to combat obesity and to find therapeutic approaches to body weight control as well as to functional and motility disorders.

UEG Videos

  • World Digestive Health Day 2015 

    This year’s WDHD is centred on Heartburn: A Global Challenge. One out of five Europeans experiences chronic heartburn, often a result of underlying GORD.
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  • UEG Week Barcelona

    Your next chance to participate in Europe's largest and most prestigious gastroenterology meeting: October 24-28, 2015 in Barcelona.
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  • Healthcare Scenarios in 2040

    Where will the European healthcare system be in 2040? Will there even be one? Will an impoverished society have little access to healthcare?
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