NICE Quality Standard Irritable bowel syndrome in adults


NICE quality standards describe high-priority areas for quality improvement in a defined care or service area. Each standard consists of a prioritised set of specific, concise and measurable statements. They draw on existing guidance, which provides an underpinning, comprehensive set of recommendations, and are designed to support the measurement of improvement. This quality standard covers the diagnosis and management of irritable bowel syndrome in adults. It does not cover other gastrointestinal disorders such as non-ulcer dyspepsia, coeliac disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

Keywords: abdominal distension; abdominal masses; anaemia; antibodies for coeliac disease; bacterial overgrowth; barium enema; bowel dysfunction after an infection; cause lack of sleep; change in bowel habit; change in bowel habit; coeliac disease; colonoscopy; constipation; coordinated services; C-reactive protein; diarrhoea; disturbed colonic motility; erythrocyte sedimentation rate; faecal occult blood; faecal ova and parasite test; family history of bowel cancer or ovarian cancer; gastrointestinal disorders; healthcare professionals in primary care; hydrogen breath test; hypersensitivity; inflammatory markers for inflammatory bowel disease; inflflammatory causes; irritable bowel syndrome; lactose intolerance; late onset (age over 60 years); microbial imbalance in the gut (dysbiosis); patient experience; plasma viscosity; quality of life for adults with irritable bowel syndrome; rectal bleeding; rectal masses; red flag indicators; rigid/flexible sigmoidoscopy; role of families and carers; safety issues; satisfaction with care received; symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome; tests for inflammatory markers; thyroid function test; tissue transglutaminase; training and competencies; ultrasound; undiagnosed irritable bowel syndrome in adults; unexplained and unintentional weight loss; unnecessary hospital attendances

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